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Art - 1997

The Oreck exclusive Filter System assures hypo -allergenic cleaning with Germastat*. It s ideal for allergy sufferers. With an Oreck XL there's virtually no after di It's the lightest full-size vacuum available. It weighs 8 pounds.

503 pages

How Americans Can Buy American, The Power of Consumer Patriotism

Creator: Roger Simmermaker | 2008-01-02

This new third edition lists more than 20,000 brands in more than two hundred consumer categories, explains how buying American benefits everyone, and how we can support our economy buying American-made products from American-owned ...

Publisher: Consumer Patriotism Corp

About this book
"How Americans Can Buy American" lists over 20,000 American and foreign products and services in over 200 consumer categories contained in twelve chapters. An additional chapter lists over 2,000 American-made/union made-products. There are also three text chapters totaling 213 pages that discuss strategies for buying American, the effect of international competition on the U.S. economy and an in-depth analysis of the U.S. auto industry. An extensive list of websites that make and sell American-made products is included.

127 pages

Clean, The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing

Creator: Michael De Jong | House & Home - 2007-05-01

It’s easier than you think to clean your home in a nontoxic, environmentally responsible way!

Publisher: Sterling Publishing (NY)

About this book
It's easier than you think to clean your home in a nontoxic, environmentally responsible way! Conceptualized and designed by legendary publishing visionary Joost Elffers?the force behind such bestsellers as Play With Your Food and The 48 Laws of Power?this wonderful guide will help get your house shipshape without hurting the environment or your health. Inspirational cleaning guru Michael de Jong writes with humor and a Zen-like spirit as he presents five safe, all-natural products that take care of just about anything: Baking Soda, Borax, Lemon, Salt, and White Vinegar. Each one gets a chapter featuring dozens of clever tips, while a handy alphabetized directory, organized by category, makes it easy to locate the information you need. With its graphically stunning and easy-to-use design, Clean helps you find your spic-and-span center.

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