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The delay gives the vac time to empty the hose, and also keeps the motor running if you turn off the tool for a moment. MOTOR MOTOR FAN ON/OFF SWITCH PLEATED CARTRIDGE FILTER FOUND ON GENIE. HOOVER. MILWAUKEE. PC, DIRT DEVIL AND SEARS ...

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Walker's Manual of Penny Stocks

Creator: Walker's Manual, LLC. | Business & Economics - 2000-06-20

In 1984, the Company introduced the first in a line of Dirt Devil® hand held vacuum cleaners which the Com an bel' - 7 PY 1°' become the largest selling line of harid-held vacuum cleaners in the United States. The Company has used Dirt ...

Publisher: Walker's Manual, LLC.

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How to Repair a Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaner | eHow
The Dirt Devil upright vacuum is a very dependable appliance used for cleaning carpets and flooring throughout the home. When the Dirt Devil vacuum breaks, you might ...

How to Repair the Suction on a Dirt Devil Vision Vacuum | eHow
A Dirt Devil Vision vacuum is one of the best ways to clean the carpets and floors of your home. The Dirt Devil vacuum has different levels of cleaning for each surface.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners
Detailed information on Dirt Devil brand vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers.

DIY Vacuum Repair *Dirt Devil* - YouTube
Here is the clog of all clogs. I made a little spoke hook tool and a wire hanger with a bend in the end to reach way down into the hoses and gently pull ...

Vacuum Motors, Maintenance, Filters, Troubleshooting, and ...
Replacement Motors and Parts for Dirt Devil Vacuums. Troubleshooting Self diagnose your system using this Interactive Troubleshooting Guide and Solutions.


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Dirt Devil

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    Dirt Devil D2500 Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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    GLI Pool Products

    Dirt Devil D2500 pool vac

    0 2/5 Tim in St louis - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) Don't buy this pool sweep. I purchased this Dirt Devil D2500 vac to replace my Hayward Aqua Critter 4947 that needed repair. The Dirt Devil D2500 is cheaply made, from the hose sections to the vac itself. It was always getting stuck behind the pool ladder and thus needed repositioning ever hour plus it never cleaned the entire pool bottom. I ended up repairing the Agua Critter, which alwasys does a great job, and I only use the pressure reduction gate valve from the Dirt Devil system. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , August 8, 2011

    very far

    0 4/5 cwg - See all my reviews This review is from: Dirt Devil D2500 Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner (Misc.) This device was a little perplexing to install but once we figured it out, it seemed to work great. (Read the instructions all the way through before you start.) Cleaned the pool bottom very well, the hose is the perfect length and it hasn't yet gotten stuck on the ladder. (our pool is 24' round.) Seems to be a really good machine so far. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , June 17, 2013

    not satisfied

    0 2/5 opageorges - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Dirt Devil D2500 Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner (Misc.) It works great where it goes, but the problem is that it doesn't cover the all area of the pool, a 24 ft round pool. It gets stuck against the draining valves or because its hose doesn't let it go all around. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , September 25, 2012
    Includes 32' of hose and a ladder guard for unimpeded performance
    Works on all above ground pool types
    Powered by your existing filtration system

  • Reliable Corporation

    Reliable Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop

    Home (Reliable Corporation)

    Rating (165 reviews):
    Reliable Corporation

    Look No Further

    Halleluia! When my Bissell Steam Mop finally 'died' and I found out they didn't make them anymore I was devastated. The only place I found to buy them was ebay at a whopping $250! Anyway, I searched online for other models and read all their reviews. None of the reviews for other products sounded any where near the quality and hard work of my old Bissell. I saw this model (The Steamboy) and it looked similar to the Bissell, however - nobody had written a review, so I was a little skeptical.I'm here to tell ya - this product is as good or, dare I say, even better - than the Bissell for several reasons: 1. it is lighter weight (but not flimsy) so my arms don't get tired 2. the head pivots easier and it is triangular in shape so it gets into the nasty corners under my kitchen counters and behind my toilets even better 3. the pads are easier to put on than the Bissell and the draw string to tighten them on is longer and therefore easier to work with and lastly 4. it... 5/5 C. Hensey "spriggan" (Fort Worth, TX) - See all my reviews, January 12, 2007

    The Steam Mop SHOWDOWN: First hand comparisons and studying of comps

    (update: This review was updated on 11-2-09 after I got to compare the Bissell as well as add notes about the Ladybugg steamer at the bottom, and then on 11-30 when I got to compare the SteamFast SF-140 and on 12-7 to compare the Steam Boy)I live in a neighborhood where EVERY home is "green built certified" this means that, to have that certification, the builder built no homes with carpet. All the main floors are polished concrete and the upper floors wood. The bathrooms all have tile and/or slate in every home.Because of this, as you could imagine, steam mops are quite the neccessity...not only because they get the hard surfaces better than anything else, but because they are also "green" and clean chemical free. I'll be honest, for us...that's a bonus but we weren't cleaning chemical free before. We like chemical free for our pet's paws but I'll confess I was mopping with chemicals before I got my steamer and just kept the pets out of the room while doing it... 1/5 Chandler - See all my reviews, December 7, 2009

    Very dissatisfied

    I had very high hopes for this product and I have been very disapointed.I could achieve similar results by pouring out a bucket of hot water on my floor and wrapping towels around my feet to move the water around. I can only assume that something is not functioning correctly and there is too much water too fast. The "tank" is supposed to last 20 minutes (according to the instruction book - 30 min according to the Reliable website) - mine was empty within 10. In addition, there was more steam coming out of the swivel head connection than the bottom of the mop.I read the assembly instructions carefully and I am confident that it was assembled properly (even let my husband double check! ;-))The short troubleshooting guide mentions nothing about my two issues 1) too much water on the floor 2) steam coming from the swivel head more than the floorI contacted Reliables technical support group and received a call back telling me that I should... 1/5 C. Hanes "Mom" (Indianapolis, IN) - See all my reviews, August 20, 2007
    List Price: $99.00
    Powerful 1500-Watt heating element
    2 microfiber cloth pads, water filter and carpet glide included
    Ergonomically designed handle
    Features an 11-inch cleaning path with 180 degree swivel head