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392 pages

The Queen of Clean's Complete Cleaning Guide, Banish Dirt from Your Castle Orever with 2,047 Queen-Tested Tips

Creator: Linda Cobb | House & Home - 2002-01-01

Carbona makes a Stain Devil for Chewing Gum Removal. It's a great little specialty spotter. For dry-clean-only fabrics, you may freeze the fabric and scrape off what gum you can. Take it to your dry cleaner right away. Hair dye.

Publisher: Rodale Pr

280 pages

The Complete Guide to Direct Marketing, Creating Breakthrough Programs That Really Work

Creator: Chet Meisner | Business & Economics - 2006-06-01

nature product and one of the largest-selling handheld vacuum cleaners in the United States. One way the Dirt Devil brand has experienced success in the marketplace when introducing new ...

Publisher: Kaplan

About this book
Direct marketing is a trillion-dollar industry and a marketing discipline that produces the bottom-line results most companies want to achieve. Many businesses are becoming more aware of the potential direct marketing offers, and as new technologies and opportunities emerge, more marketers are including this discipline in their marketing mix. In The Complete Guide to Direct Marketing: Creating Breakthrough Programs That Really Workmaster marketer ChetMeisner provides a step-by-step overview of direct marketing from strategic approach to execution. You will learn important insights and essential tricks of the trade, including: The strategic role direct marketing can play in your overall marketing programHow to buy lists and manage your data effectively The time-tested ways to create powerful direct marketing creative The most common rules for direct marketing that work in all the media including email, web sites, mail, print, and broadcast How the discipline of direct marketing can have a direct impact on a company's sales and profitability The Complete Guide to Direct Marketing: Creating Breakthrough Programs That Really Workis the complete primer for any marketing professional engaging in direct marketing, including veterans and those new to the discipline. Cover-to-cover this valuable guide includes the essential information you need to be a successful direct marketer and brings it to life with actual case studies from well-known companies and more than 50 charts, illustrations, tables and other graphics.

192 pages

Best Buy

Creator: Consumer Guide Editors, Consumer Guide | Business & Economics - 2003-03-04

Easily portable, these vacuum cleaners are best for spot cleaning and for cleaning those hard-to- reach places in your car. ... Royal Dirt Devil Scorpion M08200 This hand-held vacuum is designed with a short, stubby nose, making it even ...

Publisher: Consumer Guide Books Pub

About this book
This comprehensive guide is the work of impartial experts who have evaluated hundreds of products, from the newest DVD players to the latest kitchen appliances. Includes € more than 100 photos € up-to-the minute specifications € warranties € explanations of features € the best "Budget Buys" € and much more.

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Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber
Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber. Removes spills, spots, and stains. Great for carpets, upholstery, stairs and cars.

The Operating Instructions for the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber
The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber is a handheld appliance designed to assist in the removal of stains and spills from carpets, floors and upholstery. The device's features ...

View and Download Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber owner's manual online. Spot Scrubber. Spot Scrubber Scrubber pdf manual download.

Dirt Devil - Vacuum Cleaners | Upright, Hand, Stick ...
Detailed information on Dirt Devil brand vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers. - Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber - Carpet Steam Cleaners
I got the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber for a gift at christmas and with two dog I thougtht this thing will really be handy. I have Two Border Collies they are Seven and ...


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    Dirt Devil

    Got Stains?

    I got the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber for a gift at christmas and with two dog I thougtht this thing will really be handy. I have Two Border Collies they are Seven and Three so they are past the potty training, but the sopts from when they were potty training are still there. So the next day after I got it I decided to find a big old spot and man was I suprised at how well it got it out and how dry it was.Pros1.Corded for continuous power2. Rotating Brush is good at scrubbing but gentle Enough not to ruin the rugs.3.powerful suction4. good cord lengthCons1.Dirty water bin takes long to dry word of advice(shake it after rinsing leave near heater with end cap off)Thats it for the consNow I will tell you about my experience with different cleaners. My first one was the hoover steam vac with the brushes. It ruined my carpets the rotating brushes unwind the threads in the rug leaving it looking matted down. The next machine I used was... 5/5 India M. Whitehead "EmpressGeek" (Lawton, OK USA) - See all my reviews, January 6, 2002

    Product Nightmare

    Oh, how I wish I had checked reviews before I bought this product! Whoever designed this product was apparently a hateful, vengeful person who secretly wants to ruin the day of housewives everywhere. Some of my favorite features of this product are:When you are cleaning up a disgusting spot of something, this device will randomly spew the dirty water out of the side vents, usually all over your legs as you are crouched over the spot trying to remove it. This happens when the product has a bare tablespoon of dirty water. Would it have been so hard to, I don't know, make the holding tank big enough to hold the dirty water? Or maybe make it where, when slightly full, the dirty water goes ANYWHERE other than on you and your house? Have you ever smelled hot dog urine water that has been steamed out of a vent? That smell will stay in your house for MONTHS, and no amount of spot scrubbing will help.The scrub brush is pretty much useless, it kind of scrubs the spot,... 1/5 Philip Davis (Silicon Valley, USA) - See all my reviews, May 25, 2008

    Great, misunderstood machine

    Looking at a number of previous reviews, I'd like to clarify a few points:* It's not a carpet cleaner, it's a _spot scrubber_. Anyone purchasing a machine with a single brush who expects to clean whole sections of carpet deserves all the self-inflicted frustration they've expressed here. My father-in-law tried to use our scrubber to clean his entire entryway. His verdict: "The thing is worthless." My wife and I just roll our eyes.* The spray nozzle shoots out lots of solution in a narrow, focused pattern, perfect for treating _spots_. It takes only a few pumps. The image of someone stalking around a room trying to spray anything more than about 20 inches square (again, anything more than a _spot_) is just painful.* The thing sucks strongly enough to fill the dirty water reservoir. I suspect that some folks haven't cracked the manual or noticed the yellow knob to switch between scrubbing and suction.All that said, I hate to think of living without this... 4/5 0, March 30, 2004
    List Price: $49.99
    Easy fill tanks
    Quick spray
    Powerful 2.5 amp motor delivers 60% more power than original unit
    The industry's most powerful Hand-Held Extractor
    Rotating power brush

Dirt Devil